The Food Pantry: Director Carol Dryden (660) 341-0611

Monthly Food Distribution: Approximately 10,000 lbs of food comes into the Food Pantry from the Northeast & Central Missouri Food Bank each month serving 150-200 households across Scotland County. Local volunteers serve to unload the truck, package and distribute food parcels to shut-ins and help with monthly food distribution and site clean-up. This is a great opportunity to meet people in a real need and share the love of Christ through building relationships, praying with people and sharing the difference that Jesus Christ has made in your life. The food truck arrives on the first Wednesday of each month with distribution that Friday. Over 60% of those we serve through this ministry are senior citizens of fixed incomes.

The Clothes Closet: Director Priscilla Sterner (563) 260-8670

The Clothes Closet is located to the northeast of the Food Pantry and is opened Monday and Wednesday from 10 AM to 4 PM. Volunteers from the churches and community serve 3-hr shifts in pairs and spend their time sorting and hanging clothing, cleaning and interacting with patrons—plenty of opportunities to share Christ in a variety of ways. Donations of gently worn and clean clothing items are welcome during these hours. There is a suggested donation of 10-cents per item, which is used to offset utility costs.

Tiger Pack Ministry: Pastor Jimmy & Brittany Bagwell (864) 420-9767 & (864) 420-9258

The Tiger Pack program provides nutritious meals on weekends throughout the school year to approximately 85 children from Scotland County and Gorin Elementary Schools and our local HeadStart and Early Childhood Development programs. The program is run out of the First Baptist Church of Memphis and is a collaborative effort of the SCMA and our local school with students from the Life Skills program working weekly to put together Tiger Packs. The Program is supported locally by the churches, the school, individuals and service organizations all within our community. Local grocery stores, J’s Foods and Village Market, have helped by selling food items at cost. Elementary and preschool-age children who qualify for the free-lunch program are eligible for Tiger Packs.

Backpack/School Supplies Ministry: Pastor Jimmy & Brittany Bagwell (864) 420-9767 & (864) 420-9258

The Backpack/School Supply Ministry is conducted once a year in the month of August for the purpose of providing backpacks and our local school’s list of annual school supplies for children and youth (K-12) from low-income families in our community. Volunteer help with signing up families, sorting materials and putting together age-graded backpacks for children of each grade and distributing backpacks to the families. This is another opportunity to meet needs in our community and to build relationships in meaningful ways to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

Benevolence Ministry: Pastor Josh Black (864) 608-6692

The Benevolence fund provides emergency help to those in our community in financial need. Local motel and meal vouchers are provided as needed through the Sheriff’s Dept. for those passing through our community. Gas vouchers are also available for Gas-N-More. Local recipients are asked to give back to the community by serving in a SCMA ministry or in one of our local churches with hours of service in proportion to the financial help received. Involvement in this ministry is an excellent way to build relationships with folks in need.

The Purpose of the Helping Hand Ministry is to share Christ’s love by helping people with important financial needs and when needed to help people move toward financial independence by providing financial assistance with necessary expenses, biblical counseling in areas of need and volunteer work opportunities. This ministry doesn’t just give out fish; it takes time to invest in people and teach them how to fish.

How We Can Help: For those simply needing occasional financial assistance with daily living expenses, the need is assessed and financial help is given. Opportunities to give back through volunteering in ministries are also presented and encouraged.

For those who frequently seek financial assistance or otherwise have greater needs more help is offered to specifically meet those needs. This usually begins by evaluating the overall financial situation and establishing a workable plan. This typically involves assessing monthly income and expenses, providing financial counseling based on biblical principles and developing and implementing of a financial plan that will help the person live within their financial means, or at least come closer to that goal.

If the person is without employment, several types of help can be offered depending on the need. It is usually important to discuss work history, recent employment situations and daily habits to learn more about the person’s present situation. Often times other needs are discovered that may lead to biblical counseling to provide guidance and growth that can help the person achieve greater success in future employment opportunities and in other important areas of their lives. Through Biblical counseling we learn how to apply important Bible principles in problem areas of our lives. Help with résumé writing, filling out job applications and presenting oneself to potential employers is also given as needed. Opportunities to volunteer services back to church and community ministries allow those receiving help to give back to the church and local ministries for the help they are receiving. Service opportunities also provide those overseeing the ministries to give a meaningful recommendation to potential employers regarding the volunteer’s work ethic, level of responsibility and abilities. Volunteer service can help people earn credit toward bills when financial assistance is sought with the person receiving credit toward an agreed upon bill. Our practice is not to give cash to or to write checks to those who seek financial assistance. When goals are met a check is written by the Church to the billing agency.

Help around the Church: Church Office (660) 465-2060

Whether it is folding bulletins, mowing the lawn, working in the community garden, cleaning up around the church… there is always something to do. We’d love to have you!